Online Greenhouse Tech Support

Chris Beytes

This idea has been coming together since long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but, boy, does it seem timely!

The Greenhouse Tech Team Facebook group is a Ball-moderated discussion forum that allows you to find information on many searchable topics, ask questions and interact with greenhouse technical experts to increase knowledge and help each other produce the best possible crops. It’s the very beginning of what we at Ball have been calling “the Digital RedBook.”

While it’s still in its infancy, it already has over 20 searchable topics, including Disease Concerns, Crop Culture, Young Plants, Nutrition, and Ask an Expert, making it simple to find content specific to your needs. Ask an Expert is moderated by Bill Calkins, who posts real-world questions recently answered by Ball’s Tech Team.

It’s easy for greenhouse and industry professionals to sign up—just answer a few qualifying questions to be welcomed into the Greenhouse Tech Team “Closed” Facebook Group by searching “Greenhouse Tech Team” on Facebook. GT