NewGen Boxwood Introduced to the European Market

Jennifer Zurko

Saunders Genetics, LLC of North America and Dutch company van Vliet New Plants B.V. have agreed to a joint venture that begins a process leading to the eventual sale of Saunders Genetics’ patented NewGen Boxwood in the European consumer market. 

Bennett Saunders, GM of Saunders Genetics, and Peter Kroes, co-owner of van Vliet New Plants have taken the initial step of supplying plant material to select European growers for trialing over the next 12 to 18 months. Anticipated results of the plant trials will open the door for licensed growers to produce and distribute NewGen to European consumer gardeners.

Pictured: Bennett Saunders, Saunders Genetics, LLC, (left) and Peter Kroes, van Vliet New Plants B.V. (right).

Saunders Genetics introduced the NewGen Boxwood brand to the North American market in 2019 to much fanfare due its improved genetics that demonstrated greater tolerance of Boxwood Blight and higher resistance to Boxwood Leafminer. At this time, 22 North American licensees have signed on to grow the first two plant introductions, NewGen Independence and NewGen Freedom. 

European growers are seeing the potential of NewGen Boxwood as a means to combat the devastation of blight that began in Europe and migrated to North America in 2011. Saunders Genetics was created not only to combat Boxwood Blight, but as a boxwood solution, taking into account many years of trials and research on boxwood insects, diseases and cultural factors.

van Vliet New Plants has been chosen as Saunders Genetics’ European connection for the introduction and management of NewGen in the Euro trade and consumer marketplace. The trialing process and building of production leading to consumer sales is expected to take two to three years. 

van Vliet New Plants, Novelty Management, specializes in the introduction, marketing and management of new plant varieties, which are protected by plant breeders rights. With a worldwide network of partner agencies and advisors, van Vliet New Plants brings breeders, growers and wholesalers together to find optimum ways to introduce new varieties to the market. GT