A.M.A. Celebrates Over One Billion Ellepots Sold

Jennifer Zurko

A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. has achieved a major milestone, producing and selling more than one billion Ellepots. A.M.A. was the first company in North America to produce and sell Ellepots to growers and has since become a leading supplier of the sustainable propagation solution. The company first entered the Ellepot business in the late ’90s, when Skip Blackmore, President and CEO of Blackmore Company, placed an Ellepot machine on the A.M.A. truck during a regular pickup.

“Ellepots were new to the market at that time, with no more than a small handful of machines across North America, all operated by growers for their own production,” said Skip, whose company was and still is the distributor for Ellepot machines in North America. “A.M.A. was a natural partner to produce the plugs commercially. They had been our Canadian plug tray distributor for years and were trustworthy, daring and easy to work with. This new venture opened up a whole new market and together we’ve helped bring Ellepots across North America.”

“After 20 years of plugging away at Ellepot production—pun intended—it’s been incredible to see the difference this solution has made for our customers, who have come to count on Ellepots for high-quality liners and more efficient propagation practices” says Rick Bradt, who co-manages A.M.A. in partnership with his wife, Connie Bradt-Monsma. “We are grateful for their trust and ongoing business, as well as the steadfast support of our partners at Ellepot and Blackmore Company, to reach this landmark of one billion Ellepots sold.”

Today, Ellepots are a household name in Canada and the U.S. They are widely used in the industry by growers for propagation, according to Lars Steen Pedersen, CEO of Ellepot in Denmark, and have had significant impact on advancing horticultural practices. GT