Westerlay Adding 4 Acres

Chris Beytes

Proving that business is strong—at least for this grower—Westerlay Orchids of Carpinteria, California, has leased 4 acres of additional greenhouse space in Carpinteria, which they say will allow them “to increase production and explore exciting new varieties just in time for Mother’s Day.” It also helps them initiate a planned expansion in national distribution from 3 million to 4 million plants by 2021—a 33% increase!

Third-generation owner Toine Overgaag said via email that the site they’re taking over had been a producer of tomatoes and cucumbers for some 20 years. Canadian nursery Fernlea then leased the space for perennials, but they’re moving to a larger space, giving Westerlay a crack at the facility. In it, they’ll grow about 900,000 2-in. “Darling” phalaenopsis year-round and 250,000 3-in. and 5-in. phalaenopsis production for Mother’s Day.

“There is still 1 acre of space that we will be devoting to a new, still-to-be-determined product,” he added.

As for upgrades to the old facility, Westerlay will be replacing and adding climate screens, an irrigation system, high-pressure misting and mobile tables for internal transportation. GT

Pictured: Darling phalaenopsis, photo credit: Westerlay Orchids