Dazide PGR Gets Reduced REI

Chris Beytes

Re-entry intervals are a necessary evil, so when one drops from a full day to half a day, it can be a big deal. That’s what has happened with Dazide PGR, which has dropped from a 24 REI to just 12 hours. That means you can treat in the evening and work in that greenhouse the next morning.

“This marks a huge gain in efficiency—something to take into account when deciding which daminozide PGR to preorder ahead of the 2020 season,” says Greg Johnson, president of Fine Americas, Inc. “It’s like gaining an extra day of productivity each time you treat.”

The new Dazide has been reformulated so that it can be rewet—providing a new level of flexibility that growers haven’t had before. It works better in adverse conditions and can be rewet within 36 hours of the initial application to reactivate any of the active ingredient remaining on leaves. Just a light mist to moisten the leaf slightly ensures you get every bit of power out of your daminozide.

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