Celebrating the Garden Mum

Chris Beytes

Cliff Franks of Buckeye Drone captured a very nice image of a beautiful display of 13,000 mums at the Barberton Mum Festival, held in late September at Lake Anna in Barberton, Ohio. It’s proof that the fall mum still has the power to wow the consumer—50,000 of whom showed up for the two-day festival.

Long-time mum breeder Yoder Brothers was the driving force behind the event, which started in 1991 as a way to beautify their home city. What was supposed to be a one-time event is now celebrating its 29th anniversary.

Yoder Brothers is long gone, but its offspring, Aris Horticulture, still calls Barberton home, and still supports the event, donating 18 different varieties of mums for the occasion. Another 6,000 locally grown potted mums are available for inspired visitors to purchase. GT