Ball FloraPlant’s Las Limas Farm Achieves MPS-GAP Certification

Chris Beytes

Congrats to sister company Ball FloraPlant for being awarded MPS-GAP certification from MPS, the organization that manages sustainability certification for the international flower and ornamentals industry.

With MPS-GAP, operations can promote their “Good Agricultural Practices” through the requirements of traceability, environment, worker safety and site cleanliness. It offers a transparent look at business practices and protocols that benefit suppliers and customers.

“We are proud of our dedicated protocols and impressive facility, as well as its managers and committed staff who produce the best cuttings for our customers,” said Ball FloraPlant President Mike Klopmeyer.

Pictured: Ball FloraPlant President Mike Klopmeyer (left) with MPS’s Arthij van der Veer and Ball’s
Bill Doeckel.

MPS worked closely with Las Limas General Manager Alex Meneses. The MPS-GAP checklist includes an inspection of whether equipment is maintained on a regular basis, and how employees handle pesticides and fertilizers. Risk reduction and product traceability are also key standards reviewed for MPS-GAP certification.

Some of the key initiatives of Las Limas that helped earn MPS-GAP include: Maintaining a process on material delivery; upgraded fuel facilities according to national norm NTON 14-024-14; and annual first aid (CPR and Heimlich maneuver) certification brigades and safe chemicals handling certification, which supports the Ball FloraPlant commitment to product traceability, sustainability and safety.

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