OHP Add Two Insecticides and an Herbicide

Chris Beytes

Just in time for the fall season, OHP offers up three more options for your insect and weed management arsenal labeled for the ornamental nursery and greenhouse markets.

Pradia is a broad-spectrum, innovative and novel combination product developed for control of both sucking and chewing insect pests on ornamentals. It combines two active ingredients—cyclaniliprole and flonicamid—to provide quick knockdown and lengthy residual activity of many troublesome pests, including whiteflies, thrips, aphids, leafminers, armyworms, moths and caterpillars, loopers, plant bugs, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, and beetles, including flea beetles.

It has both contact and systemic activity. And its overlapping spectrums of control will help prevent the development of resistance. As a plus, it’s compatible with parasitic wasps, predatory mites and lady beetles, so is ideal for use as a tool in an IPM program.

Pradia is formulated as a user-friendly soluble concentrate in quart containers and has a 12-hour REI.

Sarisa is another broad-spectrum insecticide for ornamental greenhouse and nursery stock. The active ingredient is cyclaniliprole, which provides extended residual protection against key nursery and greenhouse pests such as thrips, beetles (including flea beetles and Japanese beetles), armyworms, gypsy moths, loopers, plant bugs, lace bugs and leafminers.

A diamide insecticide, Sarisa provides quick knockdown and residual activity of sucking as well as chewing insects with its novel mode of action and has a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI). And like Pradia (which contains the same AI), Sarisa is compatible with many beneficial insects.

Sarisa is formulated as a soluble concentrate that may be tank mixed with appropriate partner products. (The use of a spreader sticker may help performance.)

As for the new herbicide, it’s called FireWorxx, an OMRI-listed, fast-acting biological herbicide that’s active against weeds, algae and moss. It uses a non-staining ammonium soap of fatty acids and is a non-selective herbicide that controls or suppresses many troublesome weeds, such as bittercress, chickweed, groundsel, dandelions, oxalis and grasses.

Use it on weeds, algae, and moss, in greenhouses, nurseries, landscaped areas, flower gardens, around buildings and sidewalks, in gravel and in other areas. Users should be aware not to spray on desirable plants. FireWorxx can be used in cooler weather conditions and has a 12-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and Caution Signal Word. GT