International Statistics: Flowers and Plants 2018

Chris Beytes

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and Union Fleurs—the International Flower Trade Association have combined to once again (for the 66th time, in fact) to publish an annual yearbook of the current available data on the global production and trade of ornamental plants and flowers.

The yearbook includes:

• Production data from 47 countries

• Detailed country breakdown for 37 countries

• Product comparisons

• Market data and prices

• Global import/export data

How about some examples?

• U.S. per capita consumption of flowers, plants and related goods was $98 in 2016, which was, surprisingly to me, the fourth highest from the 11 countries that provided data. Only Switzerland ($163), Denmark ($128) and Germany ($121) were higher (the UK was sixth, at $87).

• What country has the most covered production space for flowers and ornamental plants (not including flower bulbs and nursery stock)? Why, the U.S., of course, at 52,618 acres. The next nearest? Ecuador, at 19,037 acres.

• When you count outdoor production space, the story changes: India leads, with 760,000 acres. China is second, with 450,000 acres.

If you’ve got any interest in the global production of our products, you need this publication on your bookshelf. To purchase a copy, visit

BTW, you may know AIPH from the International Grower of the Year Award, which is coming up in January at IPM Essen. GT