Flat-rate, or Even Free Shipping, for ColorLink “Edge” Customers

Chris Beytes
It’s fascinating to see how mainstream trends impact our industry, like Amazon and its free same-day or next-day delivery. Will any plant distributor be able to offer that to growers?
ColorLink, the Ball Seed division serving smaller growers, isn’t quite there yet, but they launched a program called “Edge” Predictable Freight Program that, for a reasonable fee gives free or flat-rate shipping from selected suppliers, seed discounts, advanced notification on new variety introductions and other perks. It sounds like a good way to minimize or even remove one variable from your plant pricing: shipping. And with shipping rates going crazy lately, any chance to lock them in seems like a good thing!
There are two levels of Edge: Extreme and Explore. The top tier (Extreme) is priced at $298.00 (annual fee) and the next tier (Explore) is $149.00 (annual fee). To learn more, and the differences between Extreme and Explore, go to GT