Bailey Becomes … Bailey

Chris Beytes

Bailey Nurseries is updating its corporate identity to a more modernized brand position: Bailey. Along with a fresh and modern look, Bailey reaffirms its commitment to “Growing What’s Next,” the company’s trademarked name for their drive to constantly evolve and innovate.
“As our brand has grown, we have seen a greater need to better communicate and provide more targeted support to each of our varied customer segments,” said Marketing and Communications Manager Alec Charais. “After considerable feedback from employees and the industry, we are launching a new website this fall that improves the way customers can interact with our company so their experience with Bailey is as seamless and robust online as it is in person.”
“The ultimate goal of Bailey is to support our customers so that they can be successful,” said Bailey Owner and President Terri McEnaney. “Growing What’s Next means raising the bar for all of us. It means nurturing strong businesses, growing future leaders and working together to elevate our industry as a whole.” GT