The HC Companies Investing in New Container Technology

Jennifer Zurko

The HC Companies announced it will invest in new manufacturing technologies aimed at improving product consistency and delivery times for the horticulture industry. This investment will seamlessly replace almost half of The HC Companies’ equipment fleet while maintaining an uninterrupted production schedule.

According to The HC Companies, one of the main advantages of this modern technology is the ability to better utilize recycled materials, resulting in greater efficiencies throughout the production process. They say that this latest generation of molding equipment will bring energy efficient, high-performance and space-saving solutions to The HC Companies’ manufacturing facilities.

With the horticulture industry facing labor challenges, increased use of automation, higher operating costs and strict quality demands, The HC Companies said they recognized these issues as an opportunity to invest in a strategy focused on improving customer experience.

“A plan is only good if you take the time to properly plan for it and we have,” said Eric Gunderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The HC Companies.

 Implementation at The HC Companies’ North American manufacturing facilities is well under way, with new equipment and technologies currently being installed and on track for completion by the fall of 2018, in time for the delivery of new orders for spring 2019. Full replacement or refurbishment of the remaining fleet will be addressed over the next several years.

“The first wave of new machines are already on the shop floor and they are truly impressive—operating at state-of-the-art levels of production output and efficiency,” said Jim Bennett, President and CEO of The HC Companies. GT