In Memoriam: Gordon Elsbury

Chris Beytes

One of Indiana's outstanding growers, Gordon Elsbury, passed away February 2 after suffering a heart attack. He was 75. We got the news from long-time Indiana horticulturist and beloved GrowerTalks columnist emeritus Dr. P. Allen Hammer, also an Indianian.

Gordon earned his bachelor’s degree in horticulture and masters in agronomy from Purdue (where Allen was a long-time hort professor). He was a County Extension Youth Agent for many years, then started his own business, Elsbury Greenhouses, in Hope, Indiana, in 1973, where he became renowned as a garden mum grower. He was named Indiana Flower Grower of the Year and was an important leader in the Columbus in Bloom (Columbus, Indiana) program for America in Bloom.

Said Allen of Gordon, “He was just a good guy and an important part of the Indiana floriculture industry.” GT