The New Hummert Catalog is Here

Chris Beytes

The latest Hummert International catalog, which, at more than 800 pages, contains virtually anything you could lust after for your horticultural business—chemicals, fertilizers, applicators, containers, media, safety equipment, irrigation, greenhouses, hydroponics, lawn and garden supplies, seed, tools and more.

It’s about time, too; the last one out was the 2014/2015 edition. Sonny Hummert said it took nearly two years to produce this one, due to all the new products in it.

As for why, in this age of digital everything, Hummert’s still chooses to print a catalog, Sonny says his customers like a physical product, something they can hold in their hands.

“You can keep it on your desk, you can keep it in your briefcase, you can look at it at your leisure, it doesn’t have to be plugged in, it can go with you, it can stay on the shelf for years. We’ve got customers who buy from catalogs that are 20, 25 years old. They don’t throw them away!” And it’s faster than a website, he adds.

Sonny admits there’s some tradition involved, as the first Hummert catalog came out in 1934, but they’re also launching a new website where they can list brand new products that aren’t in the catalog.

To get your copy, call (800) 325-3055 or visit GT