BioWorks Launches New Biological Fungicide

Chris Beytes

Here’s some good news for anyone in need of an organic fungicide: BioWorks is introducing a new one. Called PreFence, it’s an organic biological fungicide that they say controls a wide range of pathogens. And interestingly, one of its active ingredients is a bacterial strain found in peat.

 Check out this list of diseases it controls: damping-off caused by various fungi, such as Alternaria and Rhizoctonia solani; wilt and root diseases caused by Fusarium, Phytophthora and Pythium. PreFence can also be used to suppress grey mold caused by Botrytis.

PreFence contains mycelium and spores of Streptomyces strain K61, a naturally occurring bacterial strain isolated from sphagnum peat.

Supplied as a wettable powder, PreFence is mainly used in the form of an aqueous suspension. You can apply it via drip irrigation; drenching or spraying onto the growing medium; incorporating into the growing medium; as a dry seed treatment; or as a bulb and cutting dip.

PreFence is a product that features well in programs with RootShield PLUS+ and CEASE/MilStop. It is safe for beneficials and is compatible with many chemical inputs.

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