California Gets Orkestra Intrinsic Fungicide

Chris Beytes

It seems like everything cool starts in California or on the East Coast and works its way to the quiet Midwest. But not new crop protection chemicals; California always gets them last, due to the state’s strict registration requirements.

That’s the case with Orkestra Intrinsic fungicide from BASF, which launched to the rest of the horticulture industry in July of 2016, but just now is being made available to California growers.

Orkestra Intrinsic provides fast, long-acting control of foliar and soil-borne diseases in nursery and greenhouse operations. It uses two modes of action that work in concert to control key diseases, including leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust and anthracnose. The “Intrinsic” portion of the product indicates proven plant health benefits, including stronger roots and enhanced plant resilience to stressors like cold, heat, drought and shipping. The result is healthier, more consistent, high-quality plants.

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