Highlighting Hardgoods

Allison Westbrook

OHP—Thuricide N/G Biological Insecticide
OHP has added Thuricide N/G Biological Insecticide to its portfolio of biosolutions. Thuricide N/G is derived from the naturally occurring bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki strain SA-12. It’s highly effective at infecting and controlling lepidopteran and other insect larvae. After application, the larvae consume the bacteria and cryotoxins are released into the stomach, causing the larvae to stop feeding within a few hours and death occurs within a few days. Thuricide N/G is approved for organic production and OMRI-listed. It carries a four-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and a Caution signal word.

OHP—Astun Ornamental Fungicide
Astun Ornamental Fungicide is a systemic fungicide that offers preventative and early curative control of botrytis. It contains the active ingredient isofetamid, which is a new, fourth-generation SDHI class of chemistry belonging to the mode of action (MOA) group 7. Astun can be used by itself for controlling botrytis or in tank mixes to broaden the spectrum of diseases controlled. Astun carries a 12-hour REI and Caution signal word. Formulated as a user-friendly Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation.

McConkey—Phoenix Trays
New Phoenix trays from McConkey can reduce growers’ carry tray expenditures by up to 75%. The trays allow growers to switch from single-use carrying trays for pots to multiple use. By turning a disposable into a reusable, growers’ fleets of trays turn from an expense into an asset, ready to be used over and over. The key to the product line is material formulation. Phoenix Trays use high-strength reinforced polyolefins instead of the legacy brittle polystyrene.

Phoenix tray material is 300% tougher and more resistant to stress cracking than conventional polystyrene. Using high-toughness trays allows growers to reduce purchases by as much as 75% and improve the environment at the same time. Plus, pricing is comparable with existing single-use trays. Phoenix trays are currently available in 11- by 21-in. open flats, trays for 3.5-in. square pots (15 count) and trays for 3.3-in. square pots.

Greenspire Global, Inc.—Procidic2
Procidic2 is a bactericide and fungicide specifically developed for cannabis and hemp grown indoors or in open fields. The product works systemically and on contact, as it’s rapidly absorbed into the plant and moves toward the apex, allowing new tissues to be free of infection and reducing the risk of future growth of bacteria and fungi. It’s recommended to use as a preventative or at the first sign of disease. It’s available in 1-gal. containers and can be applied via regularly scheduled spray programs or in tank mixes with no REI. Procidic2 has been approved under the Washington State Department of Agriculture organic food program for use in organic production.

Sagegreenlife, a design and manufacturing company specializing in living garden walls, has paired up with global architecture firm Gensler to create a double-sided green partition. Called Verdanta, the portable wall can be used to create green spaces in work and corporate environments. Each 6-ft. tall by 4-ft. wide panel holds 240 plants custom selected by horticultural designers prior to installation. The panels use a soil-free growth material and the company’s patented Biotile hydroponic system to keep the wall healthy and growing. The Verdanta panel uses LED growth lights.

Dramm—TurboULV Fogger
The new PulsFOG TurboULV is a directed, low-volume sprayer that produces a turbulent plume of fog that evenly covers surfaces with very fine droplets. Using a high-performance turbine blower, the TurboULV atomizes and propels the fog up to 75 ft. The unit includes a spray wand, which is connected to the blower via a flexible air-line. This allows easy aiming of the spray.

The unit includes several dosing nozzle sizes so that the flow rate and particle size can be adjusted for different application needs. A 5-liter tank carries enough solution for up to 20,000 sq. ft. of coverage at the finest particle size. The TurboULV is powered by a 110v motor and is perfect for directed sprays of insecticides and fungicides into plant canopies or surface application of disinfectants. The forceful blower and fine droplet size will ensure good coverage in the most difficult of situations.

Dramm—OneTouch HighFlow Valve
The new OneTouch HighFlow builds on the success of the original OneTouch Valve. While both valves are durable and easy to use one-handed, the new OneTouch HF offers twice the flow or up to 16 gpm at 40 psi. It’s lightweight and made with brass male threads and a die-cast zinc body for durability.

Dramm—MistTime10 Misting Controller
Dramm has updated its MistTime10 misting controller to include a manual cycle that can be run anytime the grower feels an extra shot of mist is required. The new program allows the operator to elect to run a single, manual cycle of any valve, using the pre-programmed on-time setting. Once the single cycle has run, the controller will revert back to its previous program and continue to operate as normal.

The update also adds both Spanish and French language programming so that different operators may use the controller in their native language. (Manuals in both Spanish and French are available on the MistTime webpage at www.dramm.com.)

The new update comes installed on all new MistTime10 controllers and is free to download for all current owners of the controller. Installation instructions and the software update are available on the MistTime webpage.

BASF—Pageant TR Intrinsic Brand Fungicide
BASF recently added this fungicide containing pyraclostrobin + boscalid to its Total Release product line, marketed as Pageant TR Intrinsic brand fungicide. Pageant TR is designed for growers looking for a quick and convenient method of applying this highly effective fungicide at any time during the production cycle. It’s effective at controlling a wide range of plant pathogens, including alternaria, botrytis, powdery mildew and many more. Additionally, the labeling allows for application in the cargo area of trucks. This pre-shipping application provides protection during the shipping process until the plants arrive at retail.

Scroll Trellis—Stack Trellis
The Stack Trellis is a four-pronged plastic trellising system for barrels, hanging baskets and anywhere else that support is needed for climbing or vertical plants. It’s improved over the previous design by being injection molded, having attachment sites along the trellis for both plant vines and twine, and having the ability to stack kits on topof each other for taller plants, using the Add A Stack kit.

Scroll Trellis—Basket Booster
The Basket Booster is a topiary structure for both hanging baskets (baskets with wire hangers) and plant containers. Its unique function provides a
3-D support for taller plants, including the vining varieties, adding additional variety to the “thriller” category of plants. The Basket Booster comes as an easily-assembled compact kit. It can also be used for supporting solar powered LED string lights, allowing plants to be enjoyed even after dark. Made with recycled UV protected high-density plastic, with a large interior for sunlight and air circulation. Scroll Trellis products are made in the USA by Accelerated Plastics.

Fluence Bioengineering—RAZR Series
The new Fluence RAZR Series includes three horticulture lighting solutions for large vertical farms. It’s built for a wide range of applications, from full-cycle cultivation of leafy greens and microgreens to young plant propagation of vegetable, ornamental and cannabis crops. The new Fluence RAZR solutions are purpose-built to address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with vertical farming. The design consideration that went into the new RAZR Series, from the thin form-factor to modular daisy-chain configuration, is predicated to increase vertical farming customers’ outputs while reducing their inputs.

The three options are:

RAZR4 Array (pictured)—Ideal for full-cycle leafy greens, basil, strawberry and culinary herb production, as well as early-stage vegetative growth for vegetables, ornamentals and cannabis cultivation.

RAZR3 Array—Ideal for full-cycle leafy green and microgreen production, along with propagation of vegetable, ornamental and cannabis crops.

RAZR2 Array—Ideal for tissue culture, seedlings and cutting/cloning propagation, along with ornamental plugs and starter pots. GT