Koppert’s New Nematode Formulation

Chris Beytes

Dutch biocontrol experts Koppert Biological Systems have found a way to increase the life of its nematodes while ensuring that no visible residue is left on your crop. The new nematode formulation utilizes a gel instead of a clay matrix, which they say can lengthen the shelf life of the nematodes by up to 16 weeks. Koppert says it’s because the nematodes expend less energy while in hibernation in the gel than in clay. The new formulation launched at IFTF—the International Flower Trade Fair held recently near Amsterdam.

Nematodes—microscopic worms that penetrate and kill a wide range of pest insects—are increasingly used for the biological control of vine weevils, sciarid flies, thrips, mushroom flies, shore flies, asparagus beetles, leatherjackets and a host of other pests.

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