GrowerTalks/Green Profit’s New Websites

Chris Beytes

One must stay current in this digital age, and to that end, our crack staff has just rolled out a brand-new website for GrowerTalks, Green Profit and all of our other products—e-newsletters, videos and webinars, and the Ball RedBook.

It was about time, too—I think our previous one dates back to ’08 … that’s 1908 in Internet years! The new ones, which can easily be reached at or, are clean, simple and have nothing you don’t need. Scroll down to find the most current articles, news and popular features, or click the “hamburger” menu to find everything else of importance.

Best of all, it’s now mobile friendly, allowing you to access the info you need when and where you need it, right from your smartphone.

(Speaking of that, a grower friend once pointed out that the original GrowerTalks was small enough to fit in your coat pocket, so you always had George Ball’s great cultural information at hand. Now, with smartphones and, you’ve got the same convenience, but with a whole lot more info!)

Check it out and let us know what you think. And if perchance you find any links that don’t work, let us know that, too.

A special thanks to Mike Sherer, Katie Rotella and Kirk Boone for their hard work behind the scenes! GT