MPS Launches

Jennifer Duffield White
MPS, a sustainability certification used by more than 3,000 growers around the world, is bringing consumers into the loop with a new website that helps them find the grower of their plant.
MPS announced they were launching a uniform MPS logo for certified products—and each certification seal may now contain a tracking number that corresponds to the plant’s grower. Consumers are encouraged to go to, enter the number, trace it back to the grower and find out how sustainably the product was produced.
Starting this past August, all MPS-ABC, MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and MPS-Q(ualitree)-certified growers and growers who meet the requirements for MPS-ProductProof can use the uniform MPS logo with their unique MPS-number.
It’s an interesting way to tell your story and provide transparency about your production methods. We’ll have to wait and see if the tracking system makes consumers feel better about a product—and how often they actually use the website. GT