BWI Now Representing Philips LEDs

Chris Beytes
Horticultural distributor BWI—or, more specifically, their Grower Technical Sales (GTS) division—is now offering sales and technical support for Philips LED lighting. GTS provides customers with technical sales and support in the areas of greenhouse design and construction, irrigation design, automation and greenhouse equipment … and now LED lighting.
“We recognize the value of partnering with well-established horticulture suppliers and manufacturers to support our efforts to bring Philips Horticulture LED to greenhouse growers in a highly efficient manner,” said Ron DeKok, Philips Horticulture LED Business Development Director. “BWI is a well-established supplier in the south and southwestern United States. Now, with the addition of Philips Horticulture LEDs to their product offering, the Grower Technical Sales division can offer a more complete package of technical products and services to their customers. And with the depth of BWI’s technical expertise, the partnership between Philips Lighting and BWI is a great fit and will help customers of BWI capitalize on the many benefits that come with growing under LEDs.”
Founded in 1958, BWI Companies currently distributes products and services for numerous segments, both wholesale and retail, in the horticulture industry, including greenhouse growers, nursery growers, garden centers and more in the mid-south and southeastern United States. GT