New Products

Adriana Heikkila

Ball FloraPlant
Bloomify will not multiply! The first certified sterile lantana series on the market was bred through the University of Florida and meets the needs of hot and humid locations. New Bloomify doesn’t set seed, so it won’t go out of flower in the heat of summer. The series features better branching than the competition for a better appearance at retail. There are two colors for 2018 sales: Red (pictured) and Rose. Gardeners will enjoy its mounded, ball-shaped habit. 

Premier Tech Horticulture

Now with PTB297 Mycorrhizae, Premier Tech Horticulture offers to the Mid-Atlantic growers PRO-MIX BK25 and PRO-MIX BK55. These medium-weight, peat/bark based growing mediums are composed of processed southern pine bark, sphagnum peat moss and perlite. PRO-MIX BK25, made for greenhouse horticultural crops in 4-in. pots or larger, is a general-purpose growing media that provides good drainage and low water retention. PRO-MIX BK55 is designed for long-term greenhouse crops and perennials grown outdoors. 

Star Roses and Plants

Bellini Grape Lagerstroemia is a delicious purple treat for the garden. Plants maintain an attractive, compact, rounded habit in the landscape, making it a great addition to any space. It blooms the first year in a container after transplant from a liner and will rebloom from a trim. This variety is also resistant to powdery mildew. 

Dramm Corporation
Dramm is now offering an optional nozzle extension for its line of TracFog PTO driven fog systems. The TracFog Single Nozzle Extension extends the nozzle outlet so that the fogger can easily treat individual Quonset greenhouses from the doorway just by driving alongside. The nozzle extensions thread onto the standard outlets on the TracFog and can be easily swapped in a matter of minutes. The nozzle extensions allow the unit to be utilized to treat both gutter-connected and individual houses easily and quickly.  

Suntory Flowers Ltd.

Turn up the flower power and impulse sales with showy Grandessa intergeneric hybrid argyranthemums. Vigorous plants produce larger flowers in an outstanding color range. Plants and flowers are twice the size of a standard argyranthemum. Growers can produce 8-in. plants with one cutting. Perfect for premium patio pots and stunning in landscapes. Colors include Pink Halo (pictured), Yellow, Red and White. Ideal timing for Grandessa is Easter and Mother’s Day sales. 

Root Factory G7 is a high-performance mix. It contains unique Scotts peat with incomparable physical properties, extra perlite for increased porosity and a fertilizer charge with minor elements. This mix is specifically engineered to allow faster drying cycles and key ingredients are perfectly balanced to provide optimal drainage, aeration and gas diffusion. RFG7 provides great results for most production types, but performs particularly well in sub-irrigation. RFG7 is one of multiple products available under the new Scotts Root Factory brand. GT