New Products

Adriana Heikkila

Ball Seed

New features are now available for your Ball Seed WebTrack To Go App. Make changes to existing orders, finish orders on mobile that started on WebTrack, add favorites, and look up product and culture information without logging in. Access real-time product inventory from hundreds of suppliers and place orders by seed count or package size. Track shipment deliveries and your Ball Seed order status anywhere, anytime. Download it now for free in The App Store and Google Play. 

Oglesby Plants International
2017’s new Tropical Breeze Mandevilla series adds a fourth beautiful selection, Raspberry Kiss. For the traditional trellis, Raspberry Kiss offers a higher level of performance for tropical color. It exhibits excellent flowering characteristics, heavy branching with early and abundant flowering and dark, glossy green leaves. Shows excellent tolerance to common diseases and insects encountered by commercial growers. Other series varieties include Blushing Pink, Flaming Red and Velvet Red. A product from Oglesby Plants International in-house breeding. Grown and sold in 72 cp trays. Zone 10+. 

Dramm Corporation
The OneTouch HighFlow Valve builds on the success of Dramm’s original OneTouch Valve. While both valves are durable and easy to use one handed, the new OneTouch HighFlow offers twice the flow, or up to 16 gpm at 40 psi. The OneTouch HighFlow is lightweight and made with brass male threads and a die-cast zinc body for durability. The OneTouch HighFlow will begin shipping this summer. See one in action at Cultivate’17.

Westbrook Greenhouse Systems Ltd.
The Westbrook Skyline greenhouse is the ultimate in open-air structures. Exposing your crops to outdoor conditions has never been safer or easier. The Skyline not only gives you the ability to put your crop outside within minutes, but it also functions as a fully sealed greenhouse all winter long. It’s available in a variety of roof claddings, including tempered glass and inflated double poly.

Bayer CropScience LP

Altus is a novel insecticide that can be used before, during and after bloom on a variety of plants to control whiteflies, aphids and other sucking pests. With Altus, growers can utilize long-lasting drench applications for crops (such as poinsettias) and containers (such as hanging baskets). Altus contains a new active ingredient for the ornamentals market: flupyradifurone. Offering flexible, long-lasting performance with no application timing restrictions, Altus is compatible with honeybees, bumblebees and many beneficial insects.

Jelitto Perennial Seeds
Echinacea purpurea Green Twister is a unique and colorful seed selection. This lively green coneflower will show natural variation in the color and size of the green edge. A few flowers are light green, but some are almost yellow-edged, each with an increasing carmine-red center. There is no off-color in thousands of plants grown in Jelitto’s production fields. The horizontally arranged petals are positioned around a large cone and there is often a higher petal count. Flowering stems are shorter in the first year, but normal size (around 40 in.) in the second year and many of these stems are a dark burgundy color. GT