AmericanHort Debuts Technology Conference

Chris Beytes
AmericanHort will be holding a Production Technology Conference that “will be the place for nursery and greenhouse growers to get hands-on with the latest advancements in production technology and explore the ROI potential of equipment purchases and upgrades.” The three-day conference will be held October 9-11 in Dallas, Texas.

The event will start with a “Technology in Action Tour,” where you’ll visit and learn from premier businesses in our industry.

The main event, the educational sessions, will be led by industry experts, academic researchers and growers who have invested in the world of automation and technology, AmericanHort assures us. Topics will include lighting, irrigation/water management, environmental controls and production management, including ways to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs and leverage your inputs for maximum quality.

In the trade show, key vendors will be exhibiting and sharing their expertise on what solutions are right for your business.

The event will be built on a similar foundation to that of AmericanHort’s Plug & Cutting Conference, so you can expect great networking opportunities.

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