2017 Spring Meadow-Proven Winners Scholarship Recipients

Matthew Chappell
The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the research arm of AmericanHort, announced the names of the three recipients of the 2017 Spring Meadow–Proven Winners Endowment Fund Scholarship. Each student received $3,000 in scholarship funding to achieve their educational goals.

This year’s winners are Brandon Miller, a graduate student at Iowa State University, working toward his Master’s degree in horticulture; Justin Schulze, a student at Oregon State University, working toward a graduate degree in ornamental plant breeding; and Nicholas Robinson, an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut, majoring in horticulture. These students were chosen from a competitive national applicant pool for their academic prowess, exemplary leadership abilities and commitment to pursuing careers in horticulture.

Dale and Liz Deppe, who established the Spring Meadow–Proven Winners Endowment Fund within HRI in 1999, believe that bright, well-trained and qualified people are essential to the green industry. In addition to scholarships, the Spring Meadow–Proven Winners Endowment Fund supports horticultural research. So far, their fund has provided $140,000 for scholarships and research since 1999. GT