Altman Buying Euro Facility

Chris Beytes
Hot on the heels of their acquisition of Plug Connection last October, Ken and Deena Altman have purchased
the plant material of the former EuroAmerican Propagators and have put in an offer on the land and facilities.

As always, our first question was “why?”

“We can use the production space,” answered Ken when we caught up with him a few days after the deal first became public. “It especially works to help us expand Plug Connection as [the Euro facility] is well set up for young plants.” Ken added that it’s convenient to their offices. This gives Altman Plants some 20 locations throughout the rolling hills of Southern California.

According to Ken, the Euro facility will become part of the Plug Connection propagation business, which will now include succulent liners.

“I’ve always been debating whether or not to do that [liners] or just stick with our finished plants, but we’re going to make rooted liners available to people, too.”

He says he’s looking for a general manager to oversee both operations.

We asked if Ken was specifically attracted to Euro’s collection of succulents. “I wouldn’t knock it,” he said of the back-room assortment, but Altman has “a tremendously robust collection, and two breeders keeping our selection fresh.”

We also asked if he was nervous about taking on another acquisition so soon after the Plug Connection purchase.

“I’m not nervous,” he answered. “I think we understand what we’re getting into, and the implications.

“It’s kind of exciting for us to have another young plant facility join us. It makes it easy to expand Plug Connection, which we’ve been having a good time with.

“We like the people, we like how it’s been performing, we like the opportunities that it gives us. We like this young plant business.” GT