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New Products

Adriana Heikkila
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Ernst Benary of America
The wait is over! Benary has a new color in their BIG Begonia series—BIG Green Leaf Pink. This new, must-have color has the same huge flowers and amazing branching as the rest of the BIG series. It flowers on top of the foliage, showing more of that amazing color at retail and in the garden. BIG Begonias thrive in full sun to full shade in every area of the country. Benary says BIG Begonias is the easiest plant you’ll ever grow. 

Green Fuse Botanicals Inc.

Angelonia Actors boast very large flowers on a compact plant frame. The plant habit has a slight vase shape, which is ideal for the landscape since they won’t lodge and break apart. Green Fuse Botanicals has introduced Actors White-Blue Splash for the 2014-2015 growing season. This bi-colored selection will create a striking accent for the garden or in mixed containers. Mature height is 10 to 16 in. 

Jelitto Perennial Seeds

The latest New Millennium Delphinium offering, Lilac Ladies is another beauty in a long line of great Delphinium breeding from New Zealand. Deep mauve semi-double flowers with a white bee will grace a garden growing to about 48 in. tall. Winter hardy to Zone 3, they’re vigorous and sturdy and tolerate warmer/humid climates. 

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Swarm Technologies LLC
The SmartBee Environmental Control System provides complete wireless control over your grow room’s atmospheric conditions. The Smart Bee Environmental Base System includes all you need to get started—the Hive Gateway, the LTH sensor and the Stinger Power Strip 4. The software can turn controllable outlets on or off based on your custom setpoints and the readings from the LTH sensor (light, temp, RH). The LTH sensor provides the necessary tools to adjust your atmosphere to the optimum settings. Since “The Hive” is watching when your atmosphere changes, it reacts and alerts you by sending real-time text message or email alerts with the information you need to protect your plants. Add-on products available.

Harnois Greenhouses
The Luminosa Series 8 and 9 is the beefed up, northern version of the popular Luminosa, with more than 500 acres sold across the world in warm, tropical climates. Already featuring amazing light levels, superior stability in climate control and improved yields, it now has reliable snow load capacities. Brighter and stronger, it’s competitively priced against other high-quality gutter-connected greenhouses. 

Vitamin Institute
Superthrive—The Original Vitamin Solution maximizes potential by quickly building a strong root base. Perfect for growers of edibles and all indoor and outdoor plants. Vitamin Institute’s timeless formula introduced kelp last year to integrate contemporary research with the existing nutrition that Superthrive has provided since 1940. Dosage for most uses is 1/4 tsp. per 1 gal. of water. For larger areas, use at a rate of 3 oz. per 100 gal. Application methods: pour, irrigation or foliar spray.  GT
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