McConkey Debuts rEarth Pots Made from Water Bottles

Jennifer Zurko
McConkey Co. has introduced rEarth, a new line of 100% recycled plant containers made from water bottles (rPET).

rEarth containers are sturdy, tear-resistant and comparable or superior to other plastics in strength, performance and price. Each is stamped with a Recycled Water Bottles stamp so consumers know the container is rEarth recycled and recyclable.

“rEarth products are sustainable, durable and cost neutral, and because they’re made from the same material as water bottles, they can easily be recycled curbside—over and over again,” said Derek Moeller, president of McConkey.

That’s in contrast to traditional containers that must be brought back to retailers for recycling, if they can be recycled at all. Since only about one-quarter of plastic beverage containers are currently being recycled in the U.S., McConkey Co. hopes their new product line will help raise awareness and encourage conversations about recycling.

Many flower pots contain no recycled material and cannot be recycled, meaning they end up contributing to the tons of plastic waste generated in the U.S. every day—and worsening America’s oil dependence. More than 2.2 billion water bottles are thrown away each year, and one water bottle can take up to 1,000 years to break down in a landfill.

McConkey is on track to recycle 72 million water bottles a year at their Garden Grove, California, manufacturing plant. It takes about one 16.9 oz. water bottle to make one rEarth 4.3 in. round pot.

rEarth also saves energy—the process uses 60% less energy than producing containers from virgin plastic.

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