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Sun Hosta

Bernard Chodyla
Article ImageFor shade gardens, there’s no doubt that hostas are one of the first plants to come to mind. However, SunHosta challenges that notion by performing at its best in the full sun and hot, humid conditions of the Southeast.

A medium-sized variegated hosta, SunHostas express their full white variegation only when exposed to full sun. SunHosta also has less cold requirement compared to other hosta varieties. In Southern climes of South Florida, SunHosta will remain vegetative even under the short days of the winter months. In other regions that do experience occasional freezes, the plants will go dormant during winter, reemerging as larger plants as early as April.

Other than its sun tolerance, SunHosta does have a similar performance to other hosta varieties when grown in northern regions. It has a strong drought tolerance, as well, making SunHosta a water-wise choice for landscape professionals.

For all hosta enthusiasts this is a must have variety, especially in the South. SunHosta was a definite winner in all trials last year and will continue to perform in the future.

Crop Details

Southern growers in Zones 10a and 10b can grow SunHosta year around. Plants will bloom in April if planted in the fall. For the rest of the country, the following schedule is more suitable.
Hardiness:     Zones 4-10.
Light:     Full sun to partial sun.
Propagation:     Propagation is from tissue culture only. SunHosta is available in 72-count Ellepots.
Media:     Use a peat-based, well-aerated media for best results.
Irrigation:     Keep SunHosta moist during its vegetative period. Don’t overwater while dormant.
Fertilizer:     Apply a 200 ppm well-balanced fertilizer during the vegetative period.
Timing:     For gallons, plant 72-count liners in summer and early fall for spring sales. For quarts, plant 72-count liners in fall for spring sales.
SunHosta should be placed outside in full sun directly after transplanting. In the spring, plants can be forced earlier inside the greenhouse or in cold frames after exposure to cold temperatures for six weeks. Maintain at least 68F (20C) and supplemental light for faster growth.

Starter plants are available through Grolink in 72-cell trays.

Bernard Chodyla provides technical support for GroLink in the U.S. and Canada.
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