In Memoriam: Chuck Buster

Chris Beytes

Alpha Foliage’s Charles “Chuck” Buster passed away May 3 at the age of 78. He and business partner John DeMott of Redland Nursery joined forces to open Alpha Foliage and Omega Farms, both in Homestead, Florida. This note came from the nursery:

On behalf of the Buster and DeMott families, we are saddened to announce the passing of Chuck Buster on May 3, 2018. He has been a great husband, father, friend and mentor to many and will be missed by all who knew him. He was the most faithful of friends, and always willing to lend a hand and advice when needed.

The families would like to note that we appreciate each and every one of you that participated in making this wonderful man’s life complete.

He left us on his own terms, in good spirits and unwavering strength, able to express his love and appreciation to those he loved. GT