Nominate a Young Grower Today!
Congrats to the 2019 GrowerTalks/Nexus Young Grower Award Winner, John Terhesh from Willoway Nurseries, Inc., Avon, Ohio!

Do you know of an excellent, hard-working professional under the age of 35? You should nominate them for the 2020 GrowerTalks/Nexus Young Grower Award! For the last 16 years, we’ve recognized young horticulturists for standing out from the crowd in this tough business, who—for whatever noble reasons—have chosen to have a career in this industry.

After three finalists are chosen, each is asked to write guest editorials for the June issue of GrowerTalks, gets a free trip to Cultivate’20 and, while they’re in Columbus, attend a special dinner with Anna Ball and other industry luminaries. The winner is announced at the Unplugged event during Cultivate’20, will be the subject of our September issue cover story and serve as one of our judges for next year’s award.

An extra special thanks goes to Nexus and AmericanHort for sponsoring this year’s award!

Ball Seed Customer Day 2019
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No more scribbled-on napkins or shelves full of binders—apps and online services can help landscapers save time, money and space. Whether they help clients visualize exactly what their project will look like when completed, make it easy for landscape designers to select plants or join up clients and landscape professionals, these services can make your job faster, easier and more mobile.
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Perennials: The Bareroot Advantage
Paul Pilon
Believe it or not, bareroot was once the most common source of perennial starting materials. Sure, the invention of plugs and liners has revolutionized how growers start their perennial crops, but let’s not overlook those cases where bareroot still provides an edge over other types of starting materials.
The Cali Tally, Part 2
Jennifer Zurko, Paul Pilon, Ellen C. Wells & Chris Beytes
We mentioned in last month’s coverage of the annuals and edibles we saw at the California Spring Trials that it was a quiet year for introductions, but there was still enough to talk about with regard to exciting and interesting new perennials, shrubs and potted plants.