HRI’s Research Projects

Ellen C. Wells

HRI’s funds go toward all sorts of projects. The research arm of AmericanHort just announced they’ll be supporting 10 projects for a total of $232,000 for this year.

HRI chooses projects that they believe will produce the most valuable information possible for horticultural businesses—for every segment of the industry. For example, HRI is supporting Dr. Bridget Behe as she and her team try to determine how consumers make buying decisions. Other projects focus on difficult-to-root nursery crops, tackling boxwood blight, Phytophthora resistance, amber snail control, nitrogen control and a bunch of other issues.

In other words, HRI funds work for your bottom line. So the next time you’re at an event and there’s a 50/50 raffle for HRI, buy a ticket. Your investment eventually pays off. GT