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GROWERTALKS - October 2021 Issue (Vol. 85 No. 6)
Acres & Acres
Chris Beytes
In celebration of John Friel’s 20 years as a columnist, I decided to reread his columns and select some juicy tidbits to share.
Cover Story
Not Your Grandfather’s Boiler Room
Jennifer Zurko
How market demands, new innovations and environmental regulations are changing how some growers heat their greenhouses.
Culture Notes
Forcing Seed Echinacea for Spring and Fall Color
Bin Liu & Cor de Jong
The seed varieties of echinacea from Kieft Seed offer shoulder-season flowering opportunities.
A Dynamic Duo
George Grant
Tips on how you can get the most out of your water quality and fertilizer programs.
Finding Funds
Mark E. Battersby
As many of the government’s programs that helped so many growers and retailers survive the pandemic exhaust their funding, where is today’s financing going to come from?
Measure to Improve
Bill Calkins
Use consistent templates for each crop at each stage to level up your production and send amazing quality to market year after year.
Producing High-Quality Liners With Root-Zone Heating
Annika Kohler & Roberto Lopez
In part one of our two-part series, we discuss how you can carefully reduce greenhouse air temperatures with the use of root-zone heating during the propagation of cold-tolerant crops while maintaining quality, not delaying rooting and potentially eliminating the use of PGRs.
Service From Every Angle
Katie Elzer-Peters
Get started with e-commerce for wholesale customers.
Growers Talk Business
What Does the Future Hold?
Amy Morris
How do we predict current and future costs with inbound and outbound freight?
Growers Talk Production
Growth Factors: The Law of the Minimum
Albert Grimm
According to the Law of the Minimum the rate of plant growth is not determined by the most abundant growth factor, nor by the sum of all available factors, but it’s limited by the single scarcest of these growth factors.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort Announces Management Changes for Cultivate’22
Jennifer Zurko
In an effort to continually improve the event and experience for its exhibitors, sponsors and attendees, AmericanHort announced Cindy Lee and Bill Behrens have joined the association team to take the lead on managing Cultivate.
GT in Brief
Chlorpyrifos Banned … Does It Matter?
Chris Beytes
Chlorpyrifos has been targeted by the Environmental Protection Agency for a long time (residential use was banned in 2000), so it was no surprise the EPA issued a final rule recently banning the broad-spectrum insecticide on all food crops.
GT in Brief
Green Circle Announces Major Expansion
Chris Beytes
Two hundred and fifty new jobs and 30 acres of new greenhouse—that’s how Green Circle Growers is describing a planned expansion—the largest in company history.
GT in Brief
In the Bag
Chris Beytes
Visitors to Midwest Trading get educated by horticultural Soil Scientist Kevin Donnelly, who explains what goes into producing the various bagged goods offered by the Chicago-area horticultural supplier. The guests were on location to help the company celebrate its 40th year in business.
GT in Brief
June 22 Is Darwin Perennials Day 2022
Chris Beytes
Darwin Perennials brings back its in-person event on Wednesday, June 22 to showcase the latest introductions and educate perennial plant producers in The Gardens at Ball.
GT in Brief
Northeast Greenhouse Conference & Expo Announces Speaker Lineup
Jennifer Zurko
The Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo will feature educational sessions on business management and greenhouse biological controls.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
America in Bloom; American Seed Trade Association; Eason Horticultural Resources; Emerald Coast Growers; Terra Nova Nurseries
GT in Brief
Peters Introduces a Product and Rate Finder App
Jennifer Zurko
ICL Specialty Fertilizers has introduced a new mobile app for its Peters line of water-soluble fertilizer.
GT in Brief
SNA’s Sidney B. Meadows Fund Awards $18,000 in Scholarships
Jennifer Zurko
The Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Fund, created in 1989 by the Southern Nursery Association (SNA), has announced the names of 12 students from nine southeastern universities chosen to receive academic scholarships this year.
GT in Brief
Vita Farms, ForemostCo Inc. Partner on New TC Lab
Chris Beytes
Vita Farms, ForemostCo Inc.’s partner in Guatemala, has just announced the opening of Vita Labs, a new tissue culture lab to “create consistent quality and availability to better serve our customers’ evolving needs.”
Inside Look
Home Schooling
Jennifer Zurko
What I’ve learned during my homeowner’s education is that you really have to research when you make a large investment or find someone you can trust to help you make a decision.
JZ on D.C.
A Congressman Comes for a Visit
Jennifer Zurko
In early September, Congressman Sean Casten (IL-6) paid a visit to Ball Horticultural Company’s headquarters in West Chicago.
Paul's Pointers
Let ’em Rest
Paul Pilon
Both plants and humans need to get enough rest or we both can’t be at our optimum best.
Pest Management
Efficacy of IRAC Group 9 & 29 Insecticides Against Aphids
JC Chong
Aphids are troublesome and a constant headache, but the good news is they aren’t too difficult to manage.
Pest Management
Training Your Team to Safely Work With Pesticides
Zach Bruce
With a proactive approach, you can help your team stay safe and keep your crops growing.
Under an Acre
Growing a Community Respite in the Garden
Laura Drotleff
Sweetbay Flower Farm, established in 2019, was based on a collection of gardens that Karen and Tony had built over a nearly 35-year lifetime together. Karen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2020 and succumbed to the disease this past August.
BioPax Growing Containers
The HC Companies
ECA System
Zwart Systems
Line Boss Label Applicator System
Advantage Label & Packaging Inc.
Premier Tech
Senetti Rose Glow
Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Windjammer Series