GROWERTALKS - May 2020 Issue (Vol. 84 No. 1)
Acres & Acres
“The New N …” Nope, Not Gonna Say It
Chris Beytes
There’s nothing “normal” about this abnormal event we’re in the midst of and we will roll through it into the real “normal.”
Corr on Cannabis
Cross Words and Experts
Brian Corr
Like any industry, the cannabis industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and these impacts are a sign of normalization of the industry.
Cover Story
Grow These, Sell, Repeat
Jennifer Zurko
The top must-grow houseplant varieties straight from the experts.
Post-Pandemic Checklist: A Human Resource Guide to Normalization of Business Operations
Michael Maggiotto, Jr. and Matthew Pope at BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group
As we look at re-opening businesses and charting a path towards normalizing operations post- pandemic, how can companies accomplish driving their organizations back to profitability while at the same time minimize or eliminate the risk of violating employment laws?
Resources for Greenhouse Growers, Florists & Retailers
Heidi Lindberg, Jeremy Jubenville, W. Garrett Owen, Roberto Lopez, Erik Runkle & Bridget Behe
There are many resources for both wholesale and garden retails on methods to hold crops and implement social distancing at garden centers.
The Importance of a 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast
Tom McInerney, Founder, M4 Advisors LLC
The key components of a cash flow forecast.
Tip Top Talent: Topgrade Your People for Post-Pandemic Success
Todd Downing, Managing Partner at BEST Human Capital & Advisory Group
As the economy restarts, now is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your company's talent and your career.
Culture Notes
Yo-Ho-Ho: Growing Treasure Island Sweet Potato
Maria Zampini
The Treasure Island series delivers months of color above and below ground, the leaves come in unique shapes and colors, and the foliage tastes great in salads and smoothies.
Good to the Last Drop
Brian A. Schulker, Dr. Brian E. Jackson & Dr. Bill Fonteno
This is the fifth article in a five-part series highlighting data from research trials aimed at understanding water capture, movement and fate in substrates containing wood products.
Helping with Homeowner Success
Troy Buechel
Selecting growing media for houseplants.
Livin’ the Hy Life
Jennifer Zurko
Houseplants don’t have to just be green—indoor hydrangeas offer some nice color for any bright room.
Optimizing Your Greenhouse Trial Program
Bill Calkins
Many growers conduct trials, but are they as successful as they should be? Ball FloraPlant’s Jason Twaddell shares goals and strategies to take your in-house trials to the next level.
Tropicals & Foliage: Grow Your Own
Bill Calkins
A practical approach to producing foliage and tropicals for your wholesale customers.
Growers Talk Business
Plan, Don’t Panic
Abe VanWingerden
I think the impact of COVID-19 will remain with us for months, if not years, so it’s good we explore the subject and the impact on our business, our industry and most importantly, how we interact with each other as we move into this new decade.
Growers Talk Production
Forecasting & Crystal Balls
Heather Hydoski
With all the tools and methods we use, the great mystery of what the future holds is still unknowable and that’s why we still want to peer into a crystal ball looking for a hint of what’s to come.
Growing With Griffin
Plant Growth Media Testing: Always Well Worth It!
Joanne Lutz
You might only think of media testing as an inexpensive insurance policy for your valuable crops, but regular testing can head off nutritional problems before crops ever show any symptoms.
GT in Brief
Communications Strategies & Tips During Challenging Times
Kerstin Poehlmann
Communication, always key for successful businesses, now is as essential as agriculture itself.
GT in Brief
Europe: The Floral Sector Has “Collapsed”
Chris Beytes
The hardest hit portion of horticulture is definitely the European cut flower export industry, centered at Royal FloraHolland, the major flower and plant auction in the Netherlands, where a large percentage of the world’s cut flowers pass through on their way to retail markets around the world.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
AgriNomix; BioSafe Systems, Inc.; BioWorks, Inc.; Danziger; Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.; J. Berry; Mycorrhizal Applications;
GT in Brief
Online Greenhouse Tech Support
Chris Beytes
The Greenhouse Tech Team Facebook group is a Ball-moderated discussion forum that allows you to find information on many searchable topics, ask questions and interact with greenhouse technical experts to increase knowledge and help each other produce the best possible crops.
GT in Brief
Register Now for Online Greenhouse Training Courses
Jennifer Zurko
The University of Florida IFAS Extension provides four-week online training courses in English and Spanish.
GT in Brief
Retailing in a COVID-19 World
Chris Beytes
Shady Hill Gardens in rural Geneva, Illinois, has adapted to the “new normal” the same way as many grower-retailers around the country have: with a no-contact curbside pickup system.
GT in Brief
Summary of CARES Act and Small Business Relief Provisions
Jennifer Zurko
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) is aimed at providing relief for individuals and businesses that have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.
GT in Brief
What’s Postponed, What’s Rescheduled?
Chris Beytes
We won’t bother to mention all the shows and events that have been cancelled or postponed; you can assume anything that was scheduled to take place in May and into June is on that list.
Inside Look
Many Firsts
Jennifer Zurko
This month has been a milestone of many firsts … some not so great.
JZ on D.C.
CARES Act Implementation High Priority for AmericanHort
Jennifer Zurko
The AmericanHort advocacy team has been busy assessing the $2 trillion Corona-virus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, otherwise known as the CARES Act, as education and outreach to members and the industry shifted into high gear.
Pest Management
Root Mealybug, Part 2
Stanton Gill, Brian Kunkel, Chuck Schuster, Ginny Rosenkranz & Suzanne Klick
What you don’t see is hurting your plants.
Under an Acre
How One Grower Achieved Her Dream
Anne-Marie Hardie
Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. along the Grand River in Haldimand County, Ontario, beautifully showcases owner Hanna Jacobs’ passion for growing and seed harvesting.
8.00 Panterra Pot
The HC Companies
AegisTEC Plus
Advancing Alternatives
ArbreScan Bulk Scanning Module
Arbre Technologies Inc.
Automated Roll-up Sides
Rimol Greenhouse Systems Inc.
MycoApply Injector Endo Organic
Mycorrhizal Applications LLC
On-Gard Calcium
BioWorks Inc.
Hort Americas LLC
Solo 460-Li USB 1-Liter Sprayer
Gempler’s Inc.
Terra Plug SOAX Advanced
Oasis Grower Solutions
The Marvel Family
Darwin Perennials