GROWERTALKS - February 2020 Issue (Vol. 83 No. 10)
Acres & Acres
Who Can They Trust? You!
Chris Beytes
If you can’t be counted on for your honesty and expertise, then what are you offering that Amazon can’t?
Cover Story
Is “Zero Tolerance” Realistic?
Ronald Valentin
Clean cuttings, young plants or plugs—it’s been a topic of tension and stress between growers on both the receiving and supply end. In this article, the idea is to try getting some positive thoughts and some positive dialog going about this topic between growers, propagators, breeders and industry partners.
Bio Basics
Suzanne Wainwright-Evans
If you’re not already using BCAs, here are the reasons you should and tips on the best ones to start with.
Chemical Changes
Bill Calkins
In the greenhouse industry, chemicals are an everchanging consideration, especially from a registration and regulation perspective.
Greenhouse Disease Update: Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus
Bill Calkins
You may have heard of a relatively new disease found in tomato crops. Here’s the latest from researchers at AmericanHort.
More Tools for the Toolbox
Olivia Sellards, Dr. Jamie Gibson, Dr. Alicain Carlson & Mike Murgiano
A plant breeder’s approach to disease resistance.
Setting Priorities
Compiled by Jennifer Zurko, with JC Chong & Dr. Jill Calabro
Results from IR-4’s 2018-2019 survey have helped our industry’s pest experts determine where their research efforts should be concentrated moving forward.
The Convenience of 7/11
A. R. Chase
A rundown on the differences between FRAC 7/11 fungicides.
The Trigonometry of Root Rot Diseases
Rosa E. Raudales
The symptoms, disease triangle components and an integrated disease management approach for container-grown ornamentals.
What’s Bugging Your Perennials?
Chris Fifo
Vigilance and knowing the warning signs will help stave off major insect and disease issues.
Growers Talk Business
We Believe We Sell Plants, But We Really Sell Space
Amy Morris
Space is becoming rare; this is the time to stop being timid about asking for a fair price for the space we’re using.
Growers Talk Production
The Job Market
Albert Grimm
We must seek independence from the whims of short-term changes and concentrate on a cohesive long-term model for developing our knowledge and skills.
Growing With Griffin
Newer Chemical Class Bolsters Insecticide Rotations
Rick Yates
In the past year, Syngenta expanded the label for Acelepryn to include nursery and greenhouse uses, while OHP introduced two new insecticides, Pradia and Sarisa.
GT in Brief
Deadline for AFE Paid Internships Looming
Jennifer Zurko
The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is accepting applications for two floriculture/horticulture internship programs. The application deadline is March 1, 2020.
GT in Brief
Get Your Town Into America in Bloom!
Chris Beytes
It's time to register your community to participate in the 2020 America in Bloom National Awards Program.
GT in Brief
HRI Selects Virginia Tech Student to Receive Scholarship Funds
Jennifer Zurko
The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, (MANTS) announced that Virginia Tech University Junior Nicholas Dzurenda is the 2019-2020 Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship recipient and will be awarded $5,000 through the scholarship.
GT in Brief
MANTS Turns 50
Jennifer Zurko
In early January, MANTS celebrated 50 years of being the first horticulture trade show on our industry’s annual calendar.
GT in Brief
Nature’s Source Gets New Owner
Chris Beytes
An unnamed “strategic private investor”—who will keep the product alive and well.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
A.M.A. Horticulture, Inc.; Bailey; Ball Seed; BioWorks; HilverdaFlorist; McKay Nursery; Pacific Plug & Liner
GT in Brief
Save the Date: 2020 AAS Summer Summit
Jennifer Zurko
All-America Selections (AAS), Home Garden Seed Association and National Garden Bureau (NGB) are going to Vancouver, British Columbia, for their 2020 summer meeting.
GT in Brief
Spring Meadow—Proven Winners HRI Scholarships Announced
Jennifer Zurko
Spring Meadow Nursery and the Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) announced the recipients of 2019-2020 Spring Meadow—Proven Winners Endowment Fund scholarships.
GT in Brief
Westerlay Adding 4 Acres
Chris Beytes
Proving that business is strong—at least for this grower—Westerlay Orchids of Carpinteria, California, has leased 4 acres of additional greenhouse space in Carpinteria.
Inside Look
Jennifer Zurko
Could we as consumers honestly say that we would shrug our shoulders and accept some whiteflies on our poinsettias or spider mites on our salvia?
JZ on D.C.
What Are the Chances the Farm Workforce Modernization Act ACTUALLY Becomes Law?
Jennifer Zurko
After the House’s historic passage of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (H.R. 5038) in December, is there any chance that the Senate will actually vote it into law? AmericanHort’s Craig Regelbrugge says … maybe.
Paul Talks Perennials
Winter Waterland
Paul Pilon
Improperly irrigating perennials during the winter months can have several adverse side effects.
Under an Acre
After the Storm
Anne-Marie Hardie
This past October, North Haven Gardens in Wylie, Texas, was decimated by a tornado. Their story is one of passion, resiliency and perseverance.
Young Voices
A Journey for Your Own Connection
Sergio Leguía Vargas
When I decided to do an internship in the USA, a lot of people asked me: “Are you crazy?” I just said, “Yes, I’m crazy.”
25 Years of Wave
PanAmerican Seed
Athyrium niponicum Crested Surf
Walters Gardens Inc.
Easy-Fill Grow Bags
Line Boss
Advantage Label & Packaging Inc.
The Green Formula
Lambert Peat Moss
Whirlwind Blue Improved Scaevola
Proven Winners LLC