New Products

Adriana Heikkila

Sun Gro Horticulture

Check out Sun Gro Horticulture’s 2017 Professional Products catalog. Now available from your Sun Gro sales representative or online, the catalog is a handy recap of Sun Gro’s key brands, product SKUs and descriptors, conversions, calculations and fill guides, RESiLIENCE overview and frequently asked questions, and plant locations. 

The MANTIS is an easy-to-use device designed to handle the harshest conditions while providing the highest quality of readings. Built by growers, for growers, the MANTIS device empowers the grower by providing email/text notifications and both real-time and historical data for a multitude of sensors on any device. This knowledge is many things to a grower, such as plant health, consistency and yields. 

Growers Supply
GrowSpan Series 500 Tall Greenhouses provide growers the maximum amount of usable space, while the extra overhead space improves ventilation. Available in multiple sizes and custom designs, you can count on the Series 500 Greenhouse for all commercial and professional needs.
The structure’s versatile design utilizes a durable, triple galvanized steel frame that’s covered by a double-layer film that ensures growers have the utmost control over the greenhouse environment. Customers can also choose between roll-up or drop-down sides that can easily be operated by one grower. The greenhouse can also be outfitted with GrowSpan’s fully automated light deprivation system, allowing users to gain complete control over the light cycle. 

Emerald Coast Growers LLC

Exclusively from Emerald Coast Growers comes Miscanthus sinensis Fat Cat. This Japanese silver grass displays graceful, spherical masses of green leaves with prominent white midribs, turning rich ruby in cool weather. Red flowers soar to 7 ft. over 3-ft. clumps. Hardy in Zones 6 to 9. 

PBH Nature’s Media Amendment

PBH parboiled rice hulls are the new go-to topdressing material for container weed control. By preventing airborne weed seeds from reaching the growing media and germinating, this grower-developed technique dramatically decreases weeds, hand-weeding labor and expense. It can also reduce herbicide use, drought stress and watering. All for pennies per container. This economical, earth-friendly practice is substantiated by USDA research. PBH rice hulls are suitable for both organic and traditional production, and are also used as a perlite replacement in greenhouse growing media.

PanAmerican Seed
What’s better than one Wave Petunia? Mix ’em to the max and serve up grab-n-go gardens that give today’s consumer plenty of time to enjoy life. Wave Plug & Play Combos feature on-trend colors that are virtually care-free. Fill your customers’ planters with easy spreading color all season. Rev up your mix program with Wave’s proven-to-perform, proven-to-sell combos from seed. They’ll hold their own against any vegetative combination. Order Wave, The Authentic Trailing Petunias from your preferred supplier today. Pictured: Subtle Perfection. GT