Rambo Sells a Greenhouse to Pike Nurseries

Chris Beytes

You may recall that Armstrong Garden Centers of California bought Georgia-based retailer Pike Nurseries back in 2008. And you may know that out in California, Armstrong has its own growing facilities (three, in fact). Well, they’re bringing that production model east, with the purchase of a greenhouse facility from Georgia grower Rambo Nursery. This new location joins Pike Nursery Farm in Marietta, Georgia.
The 10-acre greenhouse, located in Ringgold, Georgia, about an hour northwest of Atlanta, is one of three owned by Rambo, which is an exclusive Home Depot supplier. Rambo’s remaining locations are in Cedartown and Dallas, Georgia.
For Pike, the purchase will allow them to grow even more of their own product, just as they do in California. The press release states, “The facility will allow the company to expand its growing capacity to include a full line of upscale retail plant programs and will grow annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs and several holiday crops for Pike Nursery stores—as well as other independent garden centers in the greater southeast area.”
That last bit is interesting, showing that, as with Armstrong Growers in California, Pike Nursery Farm will operate as a separate wholesale entity, supplying other customers, as well as Pike’s own retail.
We know now why Pike bought, but why did Rambo sell? We asked Sam Rambo that question via email. He replied that they’ve wanted to consolidate from three locations down to two and this will let them do that.
“Timing was perfect for us to continue expanding our Polk county facility [Cedartown],” he replied. He says they’re adding seven acres of greenhouse and 25 acres of outdoor growing space at Cedartown. GT